BDD Diamond

BDD diamond is an excellent electrochemical electrode material because of its wide electrochemical potential window, small background current, good chemical inertia (it does not react with any acid-base medium at room temperature) and not easy to scale. BDD electrode has been widely used in sewage treatment, electrolysis and electrochemical synthesis, as well as detectors and sensors based on the principle of electrochemistry.

Attached to a metal electrode,diamond coating has the following disadvantages:

There is no guarantee to eliminate defects, especially at corners and edges so that metal substrates are easy to be corroded under the risk of airtight seal failure.

The increased stress / mismatch stress leads to the possibility of damage and shedding of diamond coating. Our company adopts BDD self-supporting wafer to solve the above problems. 


Product application

Sewage treatment; Electrochemical sensors, detectors; Domestic and medical sterilization device

Product parameters